Sacred Healing Land in Walden, Vermont

What Are Flower Essences?

floweressences1First, a little clarification about what flower essences are not…..

Flower essences differ from tinctures in that they are a vibrational medicine similar to homeopathic remedies whereas tinctures extract the physical constituents of a plant.  Also, flower essences commonly get confused with essential oils which are concentrated volatile oils that have an intense smell and used externally and in aromatherapy.

So, what is a flower essence?

I start with pure mountain spring water.  Then, I make a sun infusion of a flower at its peak bloom, which is the radiant expression of that blooming plant or tree, the energy and information available for pollinators and seekers of healing alike.  Each flower carries within it an energetic vibration that shines forth it’s unique form, beauty and wisdom.  When this flower’s essence is taken into our body, our energy shifts into alignment, helping us find healing and harmony with the soul of nature.

The easiest way to take flower essences is to put drops into water.  The healing vibration copies all through the water and then when we drink it, all through our bodies as well.
There are 50 flower essences in  my collection that I make from all the wild and cultivated flowers here on the farm.